Packing light for the long haul

I’m sitting here at the Atlanta airport with my travel partner, Natalie, waiting for our overnight flight to Edinburgh, Scotland.  The last week has been busy, but I started packing six days ago.  Over the previous weekend I got all my travel gear together.  That includes clothes and gadgets these days!  Digital Voice recorder for podcasting, camera, PDA, GPS, iPod, etc…..

I rushed home from my last day of teaching school and threw all my clothes and gadgets in my carry-on bag, checked everything twice and headed to the airport. En-route I realized I’d packed my contact lens solution, but not my contact lens case.  No worries… I’ll pick a case up in Edinburgh.  Now-a-days you can buy anything in Europe!  So I’m ready and set to fly off.  Can’t wait for the yummy airline dinner!

Hey, Natalie Here!!

I didn’t have as stressful a week as David, seeing as I’m still a student at the University of Florida, and according to my parents and working friends, don’t actually live in the real world.

Anyway, I also started packing a few days ago and I knew that even though I wanted to pack a lot of clothes, it is worth it to use a suitcase that I could carry on. If you have ever listened to me talk about packing then you know I am a strong advocate for packing light and carrying on luggage.

So, we are sitting here talking about shoes and David says he has packed the least ever. He has two pairs of shoes for 2 months. Well I, on the other hand, have kind of broken my own rule and packed a pair of tennis shoes. My other “European” tennis shoes are in Gainesville and I forgot to get them when I left school for the Summer. Oh well, I will make do with my other my other 3 pairs. Hehehe 🙂

OK, our flight is in an hour and we look forward to writing again from Edinburgh.

David and Natalie