Paris 1997…Concert in Luxembourg Gardens (Vol1:No6)

“June 8, 1997 (continued)… 

Vincent helped Sarah find the bus in the huge parking lot and she got her moneybelt and ticket and was able to actually go in a nd see the “Hall of Mirrors” and other rooms. 

We returned from Versailles at about 11:30 a.m. and had some free time around the Luxembourg Gardens for lunch.  I accompanied Charlotte and Mom to the Métro station so they could go back to the hotel and relieve Michael of Jason (the kid who was sick).

On the way back to Luxembourgh Gardens I bought a grilled chicken sandwich, Coke Lite, and brownie for 35F at a place called ‘LA CROISSANTERIE’ a chain-type place on rue St. Michel.  Currently I am eating and enjoying the pleasant sights, scenes, and sounds of the Luxembourg Gardens.  A nice shady park with plenty of benches and pathways for enjoying a Sunday afternoon.  We are due to assemble for our concert in 15 minutes…it wil be tough if Jason does not show because he plays the bari sax…’se la vie’…we are in Paris.

Well the concert was a success.  I could not have asked for a more enthuisatic group of performers or more importantly, a more enegertic audience.  I think there were over 300 people in attendance – people who actually arranged their afternoon plans to include a band concert in the Luxembourgh Gardens.  I have never experienced anything like this before!!

Musically speaking it was an excellent concert.  The kids played with enthusiasm and energy   Having Devon, Keith, and Carey as leads really helped our sound and energy.  Everyone were pretty strong players and even Jessie did a great job on the tuba.  So Jason being sick did not hurt us too much at all.  The audience consisted of mostly retired people, kids, and young families.  They had come to the bandstand with listening and enjoying a band concert in mind, not to have it serve only as background music.

Little kids were dancing to the ‘Big Band’ stuff as well as some older adults.  It was the most enjoyable concert that I have ever experienced.  I just wished we had prepared more literature!  Our band played three encores including ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever.’  WOW!!!”

REFLECTIONS January 1997:
Being a band director has allowed me to lead and be a part of many concerts in my time.  But as I mentioned back in 1997, this concert in Luxembourgh Gardens was outstanding.  Our band was not all that great.  The music was fine, but it was the enthuiasm of the audience that created the sparkle, the mood, the ambiance.  I’ve been back to concerts in the Luxembourgh Gardens on a Sunday afternoon many times since 1997 and have always found the audience to be wonderfully receptive.  Go see for yourself the next time you’re in Paris.