Flying to PISA is a PISA cake!

Saturday I flew on Delta Airlines from Jacksonville, Florida to Pisa, Italy.  The flight happened to be a piece of cake!  I left Jacksonville at 1:00 p.m. and arrived in New York’s Laguardia Airport by 3:00, and then took a limo shuttle to JFK.  After a steak dinner at Todd English’s BONFIRE Restaurant in the terminal, I skipped the coach class dinner on Delta and slept most of the way to Pisa.  By 11:30 the next day, I was on a train from Pisa to the Cinque Terre!  Now that is the way to travel.

Today is Monday and I’ve shown my group around and we’ve landed in Vernazza.  It’s now five in the afternoon.  I claimed a spot on a rock in the harbor, got a pizza and a little vino, and life is good.  This is THE vacation spot for Italy.  Tonight I’ve booked a table at Il Castello, my favorite restaurant in the Cinque Terre.  Can’t wait!