Exploring Europe’s Travel Philosophy

DM-DuomoExploring Europe’s travel philosophy is simple…inspire people to have fun traveling in Europe by providing stress-free group tours and informative publications designed to equip them for their travels. I believe you’ve got to visit the “must-see” tourist sights, but once the touring is done, slow down and experience Europe! 

Every year we helped many people slow down and enjoy their travels. A picnic under the Eiffel Tower, an impromptu bus ride when the subway closed early, a moonlit walk in the Swiss Alps with waterfalls roaring in the background, a festival of 7,000 bagpipers in Scotland, a lone crooner singing his heart out in an Irish pub, a gourmet Parisian dinner with a singing waitress…..

At David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe, we are eager to get your next trip out of your mind and on to the calendar. Think about touring with me, I’d love to show you around!