TSA Secure Flight Information

Questions about airline ticketing and the TSA’s Secure Flight Program often  come up when booking airline tickets.  Here is my distilled version of the TSA’s behind-the-scene watchlist program.

Since November 1, 2010 airline passengers are require to provide “secure flight information” to the TSA when booking an airline ticket originating or terminating in the USA.   This information contains your official name as it appears on government issued ID, gender and birthday (and redress # if necessary).

When booking an airline ticket online, this information is collected at the end of your booking progress.  It is best to provide one’s full name (first, middle and last) including suffixes such as Jr. and III.

Some people, whose name closely matches a name of a known suspected threat to security may request a “redress number” which separates them form the name of the person who is on the TSA’s “known threats” list.

 For complete information visit this link at the TSA website.