Free and Discounted Tours for Tour Alumni

Free and Discounted Tours for Tour Alumni

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JULY 10, 2015

Did You Know?

David offers lots of discount opportunities to tour alumni through various competitions and just for traveling with him. You could even win a free trip! Here are some of the ways to take advantage of your former Exploring Europe experiences to make new memories.

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2016 Online Tour Album Scrapbook Contest

Are your tour photos just sitting in some forgotten folder on your hard drive? Are your printed photos slowly yellowing with age? Why not get all those photos together and make a scrapbook that will withstand the test of time! A scrapbook website is a great way to share your tour experiences with friends and family, and you could even win a free trip to Europe! Join David’s 2016 online tour album scrapbook contest and you could be off to Europe again before you know it! First prize wins a free seat on any 2016 David McGuffin tour. Second and third prizes win gift certificates to put towards travel. See last year’s winners and get some inspiration here. The deadline to enter is February 5, 2016.

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2016 Calendar Photo Submissions

sacrecourDo you have a great photo that you want to share with others? Send us your best Exploring Europe photo and it could be included in next year’s calendar. It could be the inspiration that pulls someone through the dreary winter months or announces the arrival of summer. If your photo is included you will receive $100 off your next Exploring Europe vacation! The deadline to submit photos is September 1.

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Discounts Just for Being a Tour Alumni

If you don’t want to work for your discount, all you have to do is travel! For each Exploring Europe tour that you take with David, you can get $50 off the next one!

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“David McGuffin Explores” Video Series

YouTube channelThe next two videos are out! Explore the five little villages in the Cinque Terre and visit the hilltop town of Volterra.

In the Cinque Terre, join David on a hike up to the monastery in Monterosso, hop a train to Vernazza and soak in the sun on the beach, see Manarola’s unique harbor and take a stroll through the vineyards, and experience daily life in Riomaggiore. Watch David McGuffin Explores the Cinque Terre.

Then join David in Volterra, his favorite small town in all of Italy. Learn about the Etruscans, watch the making of an alabaster bowl, sit in on a wine tasting and experience a mouth-watering meal at the Ristorante del Duca. Watch David McGuffin Explores Volterra.

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Ireland and Italy Tours Available this Fall

There’s still time to travel with David this year, and you won’t have to fight the summer tourists. 

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