Travel Talk Tuesday: February 1, 2022- Prague (S2E7)

Travel Talk Tuesday: February 1, 2022- Prague (S2E7)

February 1, 2022

Prague (S2E7)

Situated on the Moldau River, Prague has long been a key city for trade in Europe.  Decked out grandly by the Hapsburgs, it is beautiful and is home to the largest castle complex in Europe.  I was due to visit Prague’s Christmas Markets, but they were shut down before the scheduled opening due to COVID-19 restrictions.  I visited anyway and enjoyed touring the city all decked out for the winter holidays.


——————–Contents of this video————————– 

0:00 – Introduction to Travel Talk Tuesday and Prague

2:27 – Maps of Prague and Europe

4:11 – Visiting Prague in December 2005

5:55 – Restaurace u Provaznice. “by the rope maker’s wife”

8:06 – Ridgeview High School Band goes to Prague

8:45 – Traditional Music in a local pub

10:09 – Lucerna Galley Mall

10:36 – King Wensalas Riding a Horse Upside down – David Černy’

11:22 – John Lennon Wall – Prague Little Quarter

12:40 – Spring market RHS Band Performance

14:01 – Osso Buco Recipe and Cooking Demonstration

23:31 – Christmas in Prague 2022

25:55 – David talks about Prague from the Old Town Square

27:10 – Jan Hus

30:29 – Closing Remarks about Prague

31:40 – Preview Next week’s show – Romantic Destinations


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