When it comes to Ireland vacations, there is so much to see and do that we often find ourselves wondering how we are going to fit all of it into one trip. Now that we have easier access to Ireland vacations than ever before, the time has come for us to take a closer look at some of the most crucial tips.

Maximizing our level of enjoyment on these types of trips is important. After all, no one wants to spend all of their time and money on a trip that is relatively subpar. Before booking that trip to Ireland, take a closer look at the following tips for these vacations.

1) Both Countries Use Their Own Currency

While most of us are smart enough to know that the nation of Ireland is actually split into two different countries, there are certain tidbits of information that we will need to bring ourselves up to speed on. Most travelers are blissfully unaware of the fact that both countries utilize their own form of currency. Those who plan on traversing between both countries must bear this very important fact in mind.

2) Tax Free Shopping Is Available

Those who wish to bring back some fun souvenirs are certainly in luck. Travelers who hail from outside of the European Union are able to enjoy all of the tax free shopping that Ireland has to offer them. To make the process even easier, be sure to apply for the Fexco Horizon card. From there, we are able to swipe at any location that is affiliated and save a bundle on our sales taxes.

3) Rent a Smaller Car

Some travelers may not have any issues with using public transportation during their Ireland travels. Those who wish to rent a car while they are in Ireland are advised to avoid the larger makes and models. The rural areas of Ireland can be a lot of fun to visit but the roads are extremely narrow. US travelers should also be advised that Irish drivers will pass them on the right and drive on the left. This can be a major culture shock for those who do not expect it.

4) Know The Baggage Restrictions

An inexperienced traveler is someone who tosses their entire life inside of a suitcase and expects everything to go according to plan from there. An experienced traveler, on the other hand? They will take the time to do the proper research on baggage restrictions. Ryanair is a budget airline that provides a number of absurdly cheap flights within Europe to those who are interested.

5) Learn The Irish Tipping Culture

This is especially important for Americans who have never traveled outside of the continental United States. If we are visiting a restaurant, a tip of at least 10 percent is customary. Some of the restaurants will also include this charge in the final bill. Take a moment to check first before tipping. A taxi driver will also accept a tip. Tipping is not mandatory in these instances and we are expected to use our own discretion.


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