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Walking and Physical Activity: We have planned this trip to provide maximum tour experiences. The basic nature of Europe does require some degree of physical activity to get out and see the sights, especially in the big cities. To help you plan, we’ve included a daily projection of physical activity. Here is our key for our walking activity ratings:

Light – Walking done on level surfaces with some hills and elevation gains. Two miles or less of required walking during the day.

Moderate – Walking done on paved and gravel paths and city cobbled sidewalks. To enjoy the full tour experience, some up and down hill walking is to be expected as is standing while viewing sights or museums. Four to six miles of walking per day.

Strenuous – Walking done on rugged and rocky paths and city cobbled sidewalks.  There will be steps and stairs. Up to three hours standing in museums or experience sites. Up to eight miles of walking per day.

Your Choice – No matter what your walking ability, we will help you find alternative ways to enjoy and experience all Europe has to offer. To get the most out of our tours you should be able to operate at the light level everyday with spurts of moderate and strenuous.

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 10 reviews
Hit all the high points

LONDON AND PARIS, November 2017 - We ended up with a very small group (only 5 of us) and therefore were able to make friends with everyone. David made sure to help us in every way in our free time, and the places where we ate were terrific. We managed to hit all the high points. The wow moment in London was St. Paul’s Cathedral and in Paris was Sacre Coeur. David is absolutely the best-knowledgeable and fun!!

 by Jim and Valerie on David McGuffin's Battlefield Tours
David puts together exceptional tours!

LONDON AND PARIS, November 2017 - We had a great time from start to finish. David picks nice hotels close to many places you want to be near. He also has very good tour guides. The guide for London was exceptional. We enjoyed the pace, which is quite busy from morning until night if desired. Also, we enjoyed the other people on the tour with us. There was enough flex for all to do what they really wanted to do. We had several wow moments. First, we were in London during Remembrance Day which is a special day. As a military retiree, it was quite touching to see the way the Brits remember those who died during the world wars. The first time in Paris was special. It is a beautiful city. Our hotel was ten minutes from Norte Dame Cathedral which enabled us to go to daily mass several times. We sat next to the main altar participating in the mass in French. The history and beauty were quite special. The Louvre and Orsay museums are spectacular. We became quite familiar with both cities' mass transit systems. David definitely takes good care of you from start to finish. London was outstanding. The Bath trip was quite average, more or less the same as a tour book reading. The hotel locations were great; London Doubletree was very nice but undergoing renovations and a bit of a maze. Select hotel in Paris was very good. Both were comfortable and clean, with friendly staffs. I tried my first duck liver pate thanks to David as well as duck confit. Both were wonderful. We definitely enjoyed all our meals. David provided two well-written and comprehensive guides to enjoying the highlights of both cities. He puts together exceptional tours! We were delighted. The timing of this tour in November was a bit different due to shorter days and cooler temps. The delight was no lines anywhere...and short lines at the Louvre. We were able to maximize our time in the museums. Lovely!

You always eat and drink well!

LONDON AND PARIS, November 2017 - The tour was amazing! David was very knowledgeable and flexible on things we wanted to do. He was always suggesting things and providing us with tidbits of knowledge. Everything flowed smoothly. David was fantastic! He was ready and willing to do whatever we needed. Loved the dinner place we had in Paris that first night by the river cruise. You always eat and drink well!

 by Thomas - Dallas, Texas on David McGuffin's Battlefield Tours
a great time with my tour buddies

LONDON AND PARIS, September 2016 - Had a great time with my tour buddies, and David was the tour guide. By chance, it was a McGuffin family group and three who became family. I would have to say the Eiffel Tower and night boat ride were my favorite. I've been to Paris several times with friends and they consider these events to be too costly. Locals sometimes (myself in Dallas) say "been there done that" and will leave the visitor to their own, so I joined this tour because tour groups will get the event done and sometimes at a better price. When you have David McGuffin as a tour guide there is no comparison. My objective in visiting large cities is also to master the metro. In London, it was a nice introduction and in Paris, I am getting there. London local guide was very entertaining. Our bus driver was very capable and a very experienced driver on the trip to Stonehenge and to Bath. The bus driver to the train station was very capable on the drive; however, it just seemed to be such a long ride. Then again I am not familiar with the city of London. Hotels were well chosen, and the staff at each facility were very experienced. David's favorite places to eat were no letdown. Meals were most delicious and the service was great. I hope we all had a mutual benefit from each other as friends should. I know I did.

Absolutely incredible!

BATTLEFIELDS OF BELGIUM & FRANCE, October 2016 – The perfect mix of seeing major sites, enjoying leisurely walks through historic towns and grand cities, drives through villages frozen in time and some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. Our hotels were each a separate and unique experience, from staying in a chateau in Normandy, a 900-year-old inn on Mont Saint Michel, or modern hotels in the hearts of Brussels and Paris! And the food! David’s personal concern for having a dining “experience” made a huge impression on my friends who had not previously toured with him.  Our guide was “the” David McGuffin, and he lived up to my high expectations. He actually caused me to enjoy myself more than I had expected by submersing us in the local culture. His acceptance of other’s ideas and flexibility in program planning, allowing us to go our separate ways, and arranging fantastic local meals gave us the confidence to do the same when we were on our own! All in all, David provided us a fantastic time.

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