100 Days in Europe 2/100 A Walk in the Woods

2/100 Days in Europe

Le Marche region of Italy

I try to put in 5 miles a day (not counting walking on tours) for jogging/walking exercise.  This seems almost like a chore at home, but when in Europe it gives me a chance to explore new areas from a different perspective.  This morning was no different.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 4.58.50 PMI left my agriturismo B&B and hiked up the hillside and took a walk on the ridge line leading to the nearby hilltown.  I heard a cuckoo bird nearby. I think this was the bird, but not ever having seen one and only hearing them in Europe, I cannot guarantee this is a cuckoo bird.




Spring has arrived in central Italy (primavera) and everything is busting out in blooms, the fields are verdant green and like at home, pollen is everywhere.  The hilltop village of Force (pronounced “for-che”) is home to about 1400 people and provided a picture perfect backdrop for my hike.  This entire region is loaded with these picturesque hilltowns that seem to be painted ever so perfectly by a 19th century landscape artist.


Arriving back at the agriturismo, I walked around the property finding two burros, an inviting pool, rustic tables, a firepit and an orchard blooming in vivid white.  Needless to say, I am liking the Le Marche region.  There are no tourists to speak of… only real people working to provide genuine hospitality and information about their neck of the woods.

Pool2 remuse


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