100 Days in Europe Days 9-12: Rome

Day 9

10-100 RomeI’ve headed back to Rome for the first time this year. The non-event here is that Joe Biden is in town. I only heard about it from the American news channels and the Romans don’t seem to care.

The Piazza del Popolo is just inside the ancient northern gate to Rome. These days, it is a bit off the main tourist track and marks the northern end of “il corso” the main street upon which the Romans take their evening “passeggiata” stroll.


Day 10

11-100 Borghese GardensThe Borghese Gardens are situated on the north side of Rome near the Piazza del Popolo. If you are sick and tried of the city heat and tourist crowds, the Borghese Gardens are a welcomed relief. Rent a boat, a bike or even a rickshaw (riscio) and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Day 11

12-100 Villa BorgheseEnjoy an elegant villa and the surrounding gardens with a panoramic view over the Piazza del Popolo. The villa houses art commissioned for the rooms in which they sit. This is known as “in situ” in Italian. See amazing Baroque sculpture and painting by Raphael, Rubens, Caravaggio and Titian. Try to make a reservation for this living museum the next time you are in Rome.


Day 12

The Colosseo13-100 Colosseo









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