100 Days in Europe Days 56-60: The Cinque Terre

Day 56

The Capuchin Monastery

The Cinque Terre is a popular tourist destination in Italy. If you like the beach, seaside, mountains and hiking, then this is an ideal place to visit. The villages are very crowded, especially in the summer tourist season. Often the major hiking trails can be backed up in a “people jam”! However, each village offers an opportunity to get off the beaten path and away from the crowds. One such place is in Monterosso al Mare on the “zii di frati”, the path up to the Capuchin Monastery and cemetery. Click the picture to watch the video.

56 Capuchin Monastery


Day 57

Treasure Hunting in the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is a great place for outdoor activities. There are beaches, swimming, hiking and boating to name a few. Lately, I’ve enjoyed treasure hunting… you know, trying to find stuff other people have left behind. There is an activity called Geocaching that I’ve been dabbling with lately. Let’s go find a treasure in the Cinque Terre. Click the picture to watch the video.

57 Treasure hunt



Day 58

Vernazza Vacation

Vernazza is perhaps the most well-known of the five Cinque Terre villages. It has everything… beaches, bars, restaurants, cafes, markets and more. It is hard not to sit back, relax and slow down. Click the picture to watch the video.

58 Vernazza


Day 59


Manarola may well be my favorite village in the Cinque Terre. One can get away from the tourist crowds (yes, even the cruise boat hoards) by walking to the top of the village and following the path into the vineyards. It offers fantastic panoramas of the pastel-painted town, the sea and the mountains. To begin this adventure, simply walk uphill (beginning at the tunnel into town from the train station) until you reach the church. Facing the church follow the little path behind the buildings on your left. Buon viaggio! Click the picture to watch the video.

59 Manarola


Day 60

Ristorante Del Duca

Ristorante Del Duca is my all-time favorite restaurant anywhere! Chefs Ivanna, Genuino and their team produce fantastic menus using only the best local ingredients. Eating here is always a gourmet dinning adventure. Click the picture to watch the video.

60 Ristorante del Duca


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