100 Days in Europe 6/100: Ristorante Casa Gala

CASA GALA – Montecatini Alto

It is amazing what a chef can do with simple food, especially when there are fantastic ingredients.  ReceCasa Galantly, I visited Montecatini Alto, a small hilltown outside of Florence.  I decided to have lunch at a little outdoor café known as CASA GALA.  There were several restaurants from which to choose, but Casa Gala drew me in because of its inviting outdoor garden feel with olive trees, flowers and simple table décor.





I ordered a small menu, caprese for a started and pici con olio e pepe alle salvia.  That translates to tomato and mozzarella salad and thick spaghetti with oil, pepper and sage.  Everything was tasty and fresh, just as expected. The caprese was presented accompanied by a hollowed tomato “bowl” filled with a fresh and creamy cheese.  I will go here again!

Casa Gala Casa Gala - Spaghetti with olive and pepper







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