Dave Davis is a friend who has traveled on several tours with me. He is an avid photographer and always seems to come up with some good photos. Recently, he provided some handy hints on photography and archiving the digital images. In the next few day, Dave is going to share some of his hints.
Now for a few other hints .  .  .

When taking a sequence of pictures that, for instance, a series of pictures scanning the horizon, I find it more natural to display the images arranged from left to right of how they exist. 

When taking a wide angle picture and then various zoom or close up shots, I find it more natural to show the wide angle first and then zero in on the close ups.

Notre Dame: Wide Angle View


Notre Dame: Medium View



Notre Dame: Close-Up

When taking pictures of a type of object (flower, animal, sculpture work, streetscape scene, etc.) that occurs intermittently through the visited place, I find it better to re-organize the pictures to groups of the same type of object.    Put all the streetscape images together, put all the flowers together, put all the dog pictures together, etc.  

Then you might cull down the photo set for that visited place to the best handful of each type of shot.   Three, four, five, or six is often okay, but soon the person you may be sharing your vacation pictures with is beginning to wonder if the dog pictures are ever going to end.   (Now imagine being invited over to old George’s house to see his 400 random pictures of fall foliage along the Blue Ridge!   Oh, I think I am feeling a little sick.  I better go home!!)  

There will be some exceptions, but most people will find these hints as a better way to create a good photo collection as their own keepsake, or to share with others.

-Dave Davis

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