Cinque Terre Residence – Hotel Review

I discovered Cinque Terre Residence in March 2005 and have been staying here at least once a year ever since.  Normally, I come here with my wife (for our anniversary trip) in August each year.  We have come to love the laid-back ambiance of the locale, the patio with an amazing view and the super-clean and air-conditioned rooms.  We’ve always reserved the apartment with a kitchen, because I like to cook.  This last time here I cooked every night with fresh ingredients purchased in the village.  The staff (Carla, Piero and Davide) are wonderful and a pleasure to deal with.

The modern, purpose-built collections of rooms are located high on a hill overlooking the town of Riomaggiore.  Getting to the Cinque Terre Residence is a bit of a challenge, but no more so than any other place in town.  I suggest taking the green shuttle bus from the bottom of town (at the end of the tunnel from the train station).  The shuttle bus can drop you off above the Cinque Terre Residence.  From there it is a simple downhill walk to your room.

Getting to the town center takes five minutes and it is all downhill, however, it is all up hill with 132 steps on the return trip.  You’ve just to prepare yourself for that (or take the green shuttle bus back up by way of the road).

I am a veteran traveler to the Cinque Terre region and have stayed in other towns and other hotels and rooms in Riomaggiore.  If you are up to the challenge of walking around in the five villages of the Cinque Terre, I can recommend no better place to lay your head than the Cinque Terre Residence.

Book your room directly with the Carla at http://cinqueterreresidence.it.

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  1. Susan Reply

    We loved staying at the Cinque Terre Residence. We soon learned to make the last shuttle up in the evening to avoid those 132 steps!

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