Floating on the Moldau and a “Ahoy” to you too!

FINALLY I GET TO DO A LITTLE EXPLORING OF MY OWN: I arrived just an hour ago at my pension in Český Krumlov. Finding the pension was an adventure in itself (which I post in my last blog), but now I’ve got the van parked, my group and I are all checked into our rooms, and we’re ready to do some exploring!

According to legend and the town’s website, the name Krumlov is derived from the German “Krumme Aue”, which may be translated as “crooked meadow”. The name comes from the natural topography of the town, specifically from the tightly crooked meander of the Vltava river. The word “Český” simply means Czech or Bohemian.

The Vltava (Moldau) River flows gently just outside our pension’s entrance. The pension seems to be a multi-purpose place for sleeping, eating, and docking ones’ boats. Today, with warm weather and bright sun, the outdoor restaurant and the river are loaded with people. Floating down this river must be a major activity here. Standing on the riverbank, I can see a multitude of kayaks, canoes, inner tubes, and homemade water “crafts” lazily meandering by on the river. It’s quite nautical in a quirky sense. In keeping with the nautical theme, we hear the folks from the restaurant yelling, “Ahoy!” to those drifting by on the river and in response, the river floaters answer back with their own, “Ahoy!”

After being here for five minutes, I can tell this place is a keeper. The river, the brightly painted town building, the towering castle, and the care-free atmosphere all combine to make this one of my ideal destinations. I think, “Too bad we are only here for one night”. It was about this time in my reflective thought that I hear a loud horn sound which I soon identify as coming from a “viking-like” bull horn.

We’re hungry and decide to walk across the river and find a cafe for lunch. It was not until two days later, while visiting Prague, did I find out the “Ahoy!” was not just a funny nautical-themed greeting used on the water in Český Krumlov. It is the Czech’s way of saying an informal “Hello” to one another!



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