The Alps, Snow and Mad King Ludwig II

We arrived in ZURICH, SWITZERLAND by way of an overnight flight from Atlanta and were greeted with sub-freezing temperatures and a snow-covered landscape.  In less than an hour, we had our rental car and were cruising along the highway to Schwangau, Germany.  We encountered heavy snow and slow traffic the entire way.  The last 100 kilometers took us along some beautiful rural countryside all covered with a blanket of white.  The road was covered with snow as well and made driving rather tedious.

The afternoon was dreary and grey with the snow incessantly falling, but for us Floridians, it was a wonderful experience. Charlotte and I froze as we climbed up to Castle Schwangau, having had to wait thirty minutes before our entrance time.  However, the chill was worth it because of the ambiance and vistas.  The whole place is just like a “winter wonderland.”


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