Thirsty Traveler’s Tour: Destination #2


I first experience the lazy Mosel River in April 2003.  It was one of those spur of the moment trips where the time, airfare and destination all seemed to click into place.  I arrived in Frankfurt, picked up my rental car and drove towards the Mosel Valley.  Leaving the autobahn, I began a slow and curvy descent into the valley.  Soon, I was in the town of Cochem on the Mosel River.  All the roads were blocked with barricades and I discovered the region was hosting an all-day bicycle ride up and down the riverbanks.  So, having nowhere the drive and no bike, I parked and began walking.

It seemed hundreds of people of all ages were enjoying the ride.  There were little kids on bikes with training wheels, older folks on bigger three-wheeled trikes and everything imaginable in between.  That afternoon I walked down practically every street and lane in town, climbed up to the castle and sat at a riverside cafe, with a coffee and sweet roll, taking in all the activity.   I fell in love with the place!

The Mosel River winds its way from the mountains near the French and Luxembourg borders to Koblenz, where it empties into the mighty Rhine River.  It snakes its way through pristine forests and seemingly endless vineyards.   For centuries the river has carved it way through the limestone mountains leaving a gently sloping gorge loaded with rich soil.  The sun shines bright on the sloping hillsides making for the perfect environment for the Riesling grape and other varieties to thrive.


JUNE 15:  Rise and Shine –   We’ve got to get a move on it this morning.  Travel to nearby Kerry Airport for your Ryan Air flight to Frankfurt Hahn airport.  Our bus is waiting, so collect your bags and hop on.  We’ve only got today to experience the region.

No dilly-dallying in Hahn, we’re bound for the the Mosel River Valley, home of Germany’s famous Riesling wine.  During the course of the day visit several villages on the Mosel.  Zell is famous for the “Black Cat” Riesling and a delightful little village as well.  Time permitting, we will travel up river as far as Cochem

Later, drive back to Hahn airport and catch a late evening flight to our next destination.



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