Update from Vernazza and its recovery from the flood

I’ve discovered a couple of very good bloggers originating from the Cinque Terre region.  They both are doing a very good job of keeping the world updated on the progress being made after the terrible floods and mudslides of October 27, 2011. 

Nicole blogs from Liguria at http://culturalcomments.blogspot.com/

Arbaspàa blogs from Manarola at http://www.come-to-liguria.com/wordpress/cinque-terre/the-pictures-about-the-flood-in-the-cinque-terre/

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  1. Jennifer Mann Reply

    I just found out about the flood when I checked the Vernazza site as a reference for a painting. I am so shocked and saddened to see what happened to my favorite town in the world. I am keeping Vernazza in my thoughts and prayers.

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