Video from onsite reporting in Vernazza


Vernazza’s Rail Station after the flood

I came across this video account of the the clean up in Vernazza.  Although in Italian, the pictures say a lot.

At the beginning, the reporter is speaking with a gentleman digging around the chimmey of his home.  The sign reads: “This is my home,” and list his name and mobile number.

Later, there is a scene taken from the parking lot, above the station.  The river is now small and flowing.  Folks are washing in it.

The railway station and stairs are shown next.  This station is twenty feet above the ground, notice the stairs are completely covers in mud and debris.

Finally, the reporter moves on down the main street towards the harbor.  Notice that mud and debris are almost at the second stories of the houses.  This street is lined with businesses that will have a dificult time recovering.

It is reported that water, electricity, and gas are still not available in Vernazza.  most locals want to stay in Vernazza to help in the clean up and protect their belongings.  Many elderly, children, and infirmed have been evacuated.


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