Volterra: Podere Marcampo

Podere Marcampo is a newly constructed agriturismo located on the road towards Pisa, about four miles outside of Volterra.  My friend, Genuino del Duca, and his family have labored countless hours to present a first-class lodging oppurtunity.  They rent out three fully-equipped apartments containing a full kitchen, living room, spacious bathroom, and a large bedroom.  Additionally, there are three standard-size rooms with a bed and bathroom.  All rooms have air-conditioning and heating, as well as Wi-fi.  Here is a web link to Podere Marcampo.

Genuino's Vineyards

On the property, Genuino carefully tends a prized vineyard from which he makes his award-winning Merlot wine, Giusto Alle Baltze.  Genuino breaks from planting the traditional “sangiovese” grape and works with merlot instead. The result is a well-balanced wine loaded with hints of berries and the unique terroir of Le Baltze.

Podere Marcampo

The grounds are decorated with flowering plants, roses, stone walls, and pathways to match the decor of the surrounding countryside.

Le Baltze

Podere Marcampo is located in what we might think of as an unusual landscape of Tuscany.  This area, known as Le Baltze, or the sandy cliffs, have been known to slide and swallow up entire buildings, dating back to Etruscan times.  Of course, Genuino’s place is safely constructed on solid ground!

Pool Area

If you are planning to travel to Tuscany, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Volterra and Podere Marcampo.




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