Fishy-Fish: A multi-lingual guide to ordering FISH on any menu

Restaurant “Out of the Blue” – Dingle, Ireland

I like to eat fish, but often the European menu does not describe the selection in terms that I understand.  Recently, I was in Dingle, dining at my favorite fish place.  I came across a multilingual fish guide for travelers.  I took a photo of the menu, added my descriptions and ended up with my “fishy-fish” chart.  I hope it makes choosing a fish dish from a foreign menu less challenging.

This is the entire kitchen of “Out of the Blue Restaurant.”   The restaurant has only a few tables, so it is important to make a reservation.  Their policy is if there is no fresh fish caught in the morning, they will not open their doors at night.  Each day, the menu is listed on a chalkboard; once the fish is “finished,” the item is crossed off.


For me, “Out of the Blue” is the best choice for fresh fish on the island!  Oh yeah, the wine list is selected to pair specifically with fresh fish.  One of the waiters is from France and has a lot of input in the wine selection process.  I can’t remember his name (it is such a shame for me) but he has been around to help me out for three years now.  If you are in Dingle, go to “Out of the Blue!”


English French Italian Spanish German Description
Sole Sole Sogliola Lenguado Seezunge Flat-fish family and mild in taste. Bottom-feeder and hides in the mud,
but don’t let that discourage you… very mild.
Cod Cabillaud Merluzzo Bianco Bacalao Kabeljau Mild flavor, low fat content with a dense white flesh that flakes
Pollack Lieujaune Merluzzo Giallo Abadejo Pollack An Atlantic white fish with a fairly strong flavor.  Most commonly used in “Crab sticks.”
John Dory St Pierresan San Pietro Pez De San Pedro Peterfisch North Atlantic cold water fish.
Firm-textured and white-fleshed. It has a mild, sweet flavor and low
fat content.
Monkfish Lotte Rana Pescatrice Rape Seeteufel Firm in texture. Mild slightly sweet taste. Sometimes  considered poor man’s lobster.
Brill Barbue Rombo Liscio Rémol Glattbutt North Atlantic. Similar to turbot
in having succulent, slightly sweet flesh.
Lemon Sole Limande-Sole Sogliola Limauda Mendo Limón Limande North Sea and English Channel.
Mild white fish.
Turbot Turbot Rombo Chiodato Rodaballo Steinbutt Turbot are harvested in European waters from the Mediterranean and
North Seas to Iceland and Normandy.  Prized
for its delicate flavor.  Prepared
simply, such as  baked or broiled.
Plaice Plie Passera Solla Scholle Bottom dwelling white fish.
Commonly used in fish and chips.
North Sea to the Med.
Mackerel Maquereau Sgombro Caballa Mackrele Its meat is off-white in color and has a strong fishy taste. Its
meat is darker than cod or Tilapia.
Hake Colin Nasello Merluza Seehecht
Haddock Eglefin Assinello Eglefino Schellfisch Taste similar to cod. A white flesh fish with very low fat content.
Seabass Loup de mer/bar Brenzina Lubina Seebarsch Semi-firm white meat with a sweet flavor. Great for people who don’t
usually eat fish.
Scallops Coquilles/St Jacques Capasante Vieiras Jacobs Muscheln The edible portion of the scallop is the white muscle that opens and
closes the two shells and is called the “nut.” The reproductive
glands known as “coral” are also edible  and  widely consumed in Europe.
Anchovy Anchios Acciuga Anchoa Sardelle
Mussels Moules Cozze Mejillones Muscheln
Shrimp Crevette Gambero Camarón Garnele
Salmon  Saumon  Salmone  Salmón  Lachs Mild distinct flavor with a soft texture. If your not much for fish,
Salmon is recommended.  Wild-Fresh
caught is the best.  Other varieties
are farm-raised.


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