La Petite Auburge – FRENCH Dining in New York City

Charlotte and I spent Valentine’s Day in New York City.  Valentine’s dinner found us at Morton’s Steakhouse for a pretty prodictable dinner with a good filet and an amazing souffle to top it off.  However, I decided to venture out and try some new places for our remaining days in the city.

116 Lexington Ave, NY, NY 10016

La Petite Auberge is definitely out of the way and off the beaten path.  I discovered this little French gem while waiting on Charlotte to complete her shopping adventures.  Having nothing to do but while away my time I began looking for a traditional French restaurant with moderate prices. 

Arriving at the restaurant after our walk in the sleet and snow we were welcomed by a warm host who was expecting us and had our table ready.  The restaurant probably seats about sixty people at fifteen white tableclothed tables.  The walls were constructed of amber-stained pine planks and lent an air of old-worldness to the the place.  We elected to get the prix fixe menu at a very reasonable cost of about $25 per person.   

The waiter and his assistant were attentive all evening and were most helpful in moving the dinner along at our pace… not too fast.  The menu was traditional French… escargot, soup, salad, beef burgundy, duck, rabbit, lamb and the like.  After studying the menu we both decided to get escargot for our starter and the confit of duck for our main course.  In retrospect we should have ordered two different menus, but not tonight.  We also ordered a bottle of Pommard to wash it all down with.

The meal was exceptional.  The escargot, served our of it shells, was garlicky and buttered just right.  The duck was as good as any I’ve had in Paris.  We each got a thigh, leg, breast and wing.  Way too much meat, but I was not complaining.  The thigh/leg combo was cooked just right with the tender meat falling off the bone.  The breast was fried in the same manner and was a little over-down and dry for my liking, but still tasty.  The main course was serves with french cut green beans and a wild rice mix.  There was desert as well, but I could not eat but a few bits of my chocolate mousse due to being full already.

La Petite Auburge receives my highest recommendation for a traditional and rustic French dinner.  If you are looking for a little bit of rural France in the big city, don’t miss out on the opportunity to dine here!

Bon Appetit!

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