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Top Reasons to Go On Europe Tours with a Small Group

- If you’re thinking about traveling to Europe for a short vacation, you're probably already starting to do a bit of research online looking for the perfect scenario for your travel excursion. There are numerous websites to check out if that’s the case. Seasoned Europe traveler and vacation planner recommends that anyone traveling to Europe should do so in a small group rather than becoming just another face in a sea of faces you will become in a large group trip to Europe.

- Being part of a smaller group has its distinct advantages, particularly on Europe tours. You’ll be better positioned to see more of the country you’re visiting, its culture, its people and its beauty, if you’re able to stop and smell the roses along the way. Large crowds are rarely ever able to stop their guided tour that has been scheduled down to the last minute and showcase an unexpected event that is taking place, or a native flower that happens to be blooming at that time of year. There is room in a small group to improvise and take advantage of special moments.

- You’ll want your trip to be personal, not generic. If you travel with one of those large bus crowds, you’ll be herded on and off of buses, pushed into large and anything-but-unique restaurants, into white-washed hotel rooms, and so forth. Traveling with David McGuffin, you’ll stay at local inns, hotel and often with locals themselves as you experience life in Europe as it’s being lived.

- You’ll truly get a lot more for your investment dollars when you travel with David on one of his small tours. In fact, even though you may find that David’s Europe tours are not the cheapest ones you’ll come across, in the end, you will get everything you pay for with David- and a lot more. Your tour cost with David is all-inclusive, meaning you won’t be nickel and dimed throughout your travel adventure like you would be with one of those large bus tours that continuously hound their guests for tips and gratuities for drivers, baggage handlers, restaurant service, and so forth.

- Eating well is a priority on all of David’s Europe tours. Your tour cost includes breakfast every morning and about half of your lunches or dinners. This will give you and the rest of your travel companions plenty of opportunities to take advantage of local cuisine. If you happen to come across an amazing restaurant you’d like to try out, you’ll have the ability to do so.

David McGuffin’s Europe tours are comprised of 6-26 people, the perfect size to stay mobile, stealthy and quicker on your feet. All in all, you’ll experience about 30% more of Europe than you would with a large tour. Find out more about David’s upcoming Europe tours by clicking on the ‘Tours’ link and selecting from the drop down menu. There’s still room for you in a 2017 tour!

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