European Vacation Packages

Are you looking at European vacation packages but finding them to be lacking in adventure? You won’t find that to be the case when you travel with David McGuffin and his small group to your favorite European destination. Your adventure starts at DavidMcGuffin.com.

All of David’s 2017 tours are on sale now when you go to DavidMcGuffin.com. Browse the complete list of upcoming European vacation packages and plan your next trip to Europe. David plans, designs and leads tours to many European destinations. Some of the upcoming packages include:

- Italy Off the Beaten Path
- Best of Sicily Tour
- Essence of Italy
- Best of Italy Tour
- London and Paris
- The Essence of Ireland
- Taste O’ Ireland
- Tuscany Villa Vacation
- Best of Germany-Austria-Switzerland
- Christmas Markets of Germany & Austria
- The Best of Scotland, Wales and Ireland
- The Best of Scotland and Wales
- The Best of Spain
- The Essence of France Tour
- England and Scotland

David’s tours are not the cheapest ones you’ll find when browsing online, however, he pledges an amazing experience that includes interaction with cultural, dining and tourist experiences. You’ll find that his European vacation packages are all-inclusive of the amenities you expect and the comfort you deserve. In the end, you’ll find that the tour price is going to be a lot easier on your budget than one of those ‘cheap’ tours that nickel and dime you throughout the entire adventure.

Traveling with David, you’ll be part of a small group of between 6 and 26 people, and you’ll discover that being in a small group offers greater opportunity for mobility than a big bus tour. You’ll be able to see, do and experience a lot more than if you were a part of a large bus tour. David McGuffin provides a unique travel experience, recognizing that you are an individual seeking to learn about your destination and experience it to the fullest.

David’s European vacation packages are for active adventurers who can get by without a lot of pampering along the way. You won’t stay at a 5-star hotel; in fact, your hotel may not even have an elevator. You’ll do a lot of walking and some standing in order to gain a closer proximity to the sights you most want to see. You’ll find you are better able to experience the cultural flavor of the area when you travel with David.

Experience Europe in the best way possible, with a small group and a highly seasoned tour guide who is committed to ensuring an exceptional adventure from start to finish. Let David McGuffin take the stress, worry and hassle out of planning your trip to Europe. While a tour with David will cost about the same as if you planned it out yourself, you’ll have access to his years of travel and interaction within your destination.

Find out more by visiting DavidMcGuffin.com and clicking on your choice of destination. You’ll soon discover why David’s European vacation packages are highly popular among travelers. Enjoy Europe off the beaten path and take home memories that will last a lifetime.

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