Back on the quiet side of Venice

I think I’ve posted about this subject before, but it bears repeating.  Every time I arrive in Venice I can’t help but look at the crowds of tourists and feel a bit sorry for them.  Most people float into Venice for a day or two, visit San Marco, the Doges Palace, the Rialto and shop along the streets that connect the major sights.  This is compulsory for the first-time visitor and should not be missed.  But, if you’ve got two or more days in Venice I recommend getting off the tourist path and taking a look at the local side of Venice.

Three islands in the Venice lagoon are a delightful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Venice.  Murano, famous for glass, Burano, famous for lace, and the Venice Lido, famous for its beach are worth a little time.  In the past I’ve preached “staying in Venice near San Marco” to get the ultimate experience of the town.  but in recent years I’ve changed my mind.  Those I travel with and I have come to enjoy the “retreat” that the Lido offers…  small neighborhoods, families with kids, comfy little hotels and a hometown feel.  Yes, there are tourist here on the Lido, but most are here for the beach and confine their activities to fun in the sun.

We are due to visit Burano and Murano tomorrow.  I’ll give an update on those activities later.  Right now I’ve got to eat breakfast and head over to Piazza San Marco.  It’s just 10 minutes away by vaporetto, but seem like another world compared to the peace and quiet of my “home away from home” B&B on the Lido.


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  1. Susan Reply

    One of my fondest memories of Venice is sitting in the Piazza San Marco and listening to the dueling orchestras on our last night in Venice.

    • davidmcguffin Reply

      Ah the grand Piazza! Nothing like it in the world.

  2. Aurelia Reply

    it is peaceful on the Lido….and as you say only minutes from San Marco.

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