Germany Tour Packages

If you’re thinking about traveling to Germany, you have quite a lot of options open to you, including traveling alone or with your family, finding a large tour group, and traveling with a small group. While each has its advantages, the small group tour offers more benefits than any other way to travel.

David McGuffin’s Germany tour packages ensure that you travel with a small and comfortably sized group of people, which, in turn, guarantees you will enjoy personal attention throughout the tour. With a small group, you’ll be able to better experience all of the sights and sounds of the area you’re traveling to. David McGuffin offers 2 Germany adventures that provide off-the-beaten-path adventure. His Christmas Markets of Germany and Austria is one of the most popular.

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Germany in the winter, you’ll absolutely love David’s Christmas Markets tour. During the first weeks of December, Christmas markets pop up all over Central Europe, Germany being no exception. The Christmas Markets offer one of the most unique opportunities to experience the cultural flavor of Germany and surrounding Europe. The outdoor markets feature old-world decorations, handcrafted arts and exciting opportunities to sample German foods and some of the spiced and hot drinks Germany is known for.

David’s Christmas Markets Germany tour packages are designed to allow travel during off-season that makes for easy access to the destinations you most want to see- ones that are shoulder-to-shoulder during the busy tourist season. There’s actually not a better time to see the castles and sights in Salzburg, Schwangau, Rothenburg, Munich, Nurnberg and other areas than at Christmastime.

Your all-inclusive price is exactly that- inclusive of your 7 night accommodations in superior hotels with private baths or showers, and all of the amenities you would expect. David McGuffin’s Germany tour packages are designed to be easy on the budget and hassle-free, and will include all of the following as well:

- Transportation by deluxe coach of minibus from the airport in Munich to your final hotel in Munich
- All tips and gratuities to your guides, drivers and restaurant & hotel staff
- All of your breakfasts and five of your dinners
- All excursion admissions; this is an extensive list and includes the Christkindl Market day in Nurnberg, the Castle Newschwanstein entrance and guided tour, Christmas Markets in Salzburg, Munich, Rothenburg and Nuremberg, A Braustubl dining experience and much, much more.
- A full time exploring guide and local experts who are dedicated to bringing the art, history and culture to life
- Guarantee of small group travel

If you’ve ever wanted to build a snowman in Germany, visit a true winter wonderland, enjoy gourmet dining in Germany and see all of the sights this European country is famous for, take a closer look at David McGuffin’s Germany tour packages online at DavidMcGuffin.com.

Feel free to enjoy David’s extensive video library on the website, find out more about what makes traveling with David a unique and valuable experience, and sign up for the upcoming Christmas Markets of Germany & Austria adventure. You’ll never regret traveling to Germany with David’s tour group.

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