A safe hotel in Rome… and the best customer service ever!

I am a tour organizer who travels to Rome at least a couple of times a year, but yet it seems to be my most challenging city when it comes to finding a hotel room.  I know of several nice four-star hotels out on Via Aurelia that are just up the typical American tourist’s alley (air conditioned rooms, safe environment, pool, grand lobby, hotel bar and restaurant), but they are far away from the historic Roman city.  I’ve also stayed at many hotels in central Rome and felt uneasy because of the locale, the shifty hotel staff, poor management and lack of cleanliness.  But now, I have found a small hotel that I can recommend with confidence and pride.

I came across the WELROME Hotel as I was exploring the “hotel neighborhood” around Rome’s Teremini train station.  Previously, I had three unacceptable hotel experiences in the area and was determined to find a suitable small hotel for a little group I was taking around Italy.  I resorted to the internet on my iPhone and found the highly recommended WELROME Hotel just steps away from my location.

WELROME has seven rooms that are well-kept and clean.  There is plenty of hot water and the air conditioning will freeze your toes!  There is no bar, restaurant or grand lobby; the rooms only provide a clean, safe and quiet place to sleep in busy Rome.  However, this is a very unsual combination that I have yet to match in central Rome, at least in my price range.  You see, when I travel, I like to attempt to live like the locals.  No, not like the winos around the train station, but like a normal Roman scratching out a living in central Rome. I think I found this at WELROME Hotel.

Owners Mary and Carlo are the most amazing hosts I’ve ever encountered.  They provide comprehensive customer service and leave nothing to chance when it comes to your stay in Rome.  Last summer, during my first visit to WELROME Hotel, I was overwhelmed with Mary’s desire to please my group and me.  She was so thorough with room instructions and services.  She went out of her way to accomodate us and make our stay pleasant and comfortable.

This is not a 4/5 star hotel, but it is centrally located near the Teremini train station and has the best customer service I ever encountered.  If you are looking for a safe hotel in Rome’s historic center try WELROME!


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    I look forward to visiting it one day- my only trip to Rome was short- just one day and I definitely would like to go back.

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