Grüß Gott from Salzburg, Austria!

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June 5, 2015

SalzburgGrüß Gott from Salzburg, Austria!  Even though the Austrians speak German, the phrase Guten Tag (good day) is not the common greeting. Instead, Austrians use Grüß Gott meaning “may God be with you.”

I’ve logged a lot of miles in the last month. I’ve traveled to Italy, Scotland, Germany, and now Austria. Before I set foot back home on the sandy soils of Florida I will have led tours in seven European countries.  I must admit, this is a pretty good gig I worked myself into!

Salzburg is one of my favorite small towns and it is a great place to experience on foot. It also has a rich musical history, from Mozart to the Sound of Music.  Read about my recent trip to Salzburg here.

Visiting Salzburg is fun anytime of year, however the place comes alive at Christmas time.  Charlotte and I sponsor a Christmas market tour every year around the first week in December.  It features cool weather, classic destinations, local craftsmen selling their wares in wooden stalls, fantastic food and warm drinks, and a noncommercial ambience.  The sweaty tourist crowds that I experienced today in Salzburg are totally replaced at Christmas time with locals and savvy tourist experiencing the joy of Christmas.  Think about joining me this December in Germany and Austria for my Christmas markets tour.


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