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Multi-Country Tours

Our multi-country tours allow you to make the most of your European vacation and maximize your exposure to different languages, cultures and cuisines, but we won’t have you crisscrossing the continent with barely enough time to rush off the bus for a picture and jump back on. These tours stay within a particular region so that you have ample time to take in the sights and savor the ambiance of each location. Explore the Mediterranean coast on Barcelona, Provence, the Riviera and Pisa, practice your German on The Best of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or try your hand at the Queen’s English on The Best of Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


Barcelona, Provence, the Riviera and Pisa: This tour weaves together some of the best scenery along the Mediterranean. You’ll enjoy three relaxing days in Barcelona before heading to France to experience medieval castles and Roman ruins. Then slow down on the beautiful Italian Riviera before capping off your tour in Tuscany’s famous town of Pisa.

On this tour, you will:

  • visit Gaudi’s imposing cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, and his colorful park
  • shop in La Boqueria, Barcelona’s famous market
  • take in the Roman-era aqueduct at Pont du Gard and the Colosseum in Arles
  • stroll along the seaside promenade and dip your toes in the Mediterranean in Nice
  • catch some sun on the beaches or hike through the vineyards above in the Cinque Terre
  • see the famous leaning tower at Pisa
  • and more!

See the full itinerary and sign up for an upcoming tour here: October 1-11


The Best of Germany, Austria and Switzerland: This tour begins in Austria, famous for its castles, kings, music and cuisine, before moving on to Switzerland for an Alpine village experience in the beautiful Lauterbrunnen valley. Then it’s on to Germany, along the Rhine River valley, through the Black Forest and ending in Bavaria. The tour also features a quick stop for lunch in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein.

Here are a few highlights of the tour:

  • visit the famous Opera House in Vienna
  • explore the setting of The Sound of Music and the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg
  • take in the impressive Neuschwanstein Castle built by mad King Ludwig
  • hike through the Alps (or ride up on a lift)
  • walk along the medieval walls surrounding Rothenburg
  • pay homage to the victims of World War II at the concentration camp in Dachau
  • raise your glass at a famous beer garden in Munich
  • and more!

See the full itinerary and sign up for an upcoming tour here: April 21-May 2, September 16-27


The Best of Scotland, Wales and Ireland: On this tour, you will sample what Great Britain has to offer, from the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the remote islands along the west coast to the serenity of the Lake District and the medieval castles and quaint villages of northern Wales. If you have to get back, you can end your tour there. But if you’ve got the time, continue on across the Irish Sea to explore the history, culture and charm of the Emerald Isle.

Here are some of the wonderful experiences that await you:

  • catch a glimpse of the Stone of Scone (aka the Coronation Stone) in Edinburgh Castle
  • visit the oldest golf course in the world at St. Andrews
  • enjoy fresh-caught, local seafood in the coastal town of Oban
  • take a ferry to the Isle of Mull and Iona, the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland
  • take in the rolling hills and peaceful villages of the Lake District
  • climb the impressive defensive castles of Conwy and Caernarfon
  • tour a working woolen mill and ride a steam-powered train
  • take a tour of the Guinness Brewery and enjoy an authentic pint of stout
  • visit Trinity College for a look at the Book of Kells
  • stop in at a pub for live folk music and an Irish whiskey tasting
  • peep over the edge of the 600-foot Cliffs of Moher
  • and more!

See the full itinerary and sign up for an upcoming tour here: July 27-August 12

Travel Tips

Here at Exploring Europe, we want to ensure that you have the best travel experience possible, and that means helping you prepare for your adventures. We aim to take the stress and worry out of travel, and all tour participants receive a tour planner with helpful advice and a pre-tour timeline. There are also a number of useful articles on my blog.

Check out this one, which offers advice to help you navigate tipping in many European countries.



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