Exploring Europe’s Travel Philosophy

1977 on top of the "dome" Florence Duomo

Exploring Europe’s travel philosophy is simple…inspire people to have fun traveling in Europe by providing stress-free group tours and informative publications designed to equip them for their travels. I believe you’ve got to visit the “must-see” tourist sights, but once the touring is done, slow down and experience Europe! 

Every year we helped many people slow down and enjoy their travels. A picnic under the Eiffel Tower, an impromptu bus ride when the subway closed early, a moon-lit walk in the Swiss Alps with waterfalls roaring in the background, a festival of 7,000 bagpipers in Scotland, a lone crooner singing his heart out in an Irish pub, a gourmet Parisian dinner with a singing waitress…..

At David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe, we are eager to get your next trip out of your mind and on to the calendar. Think about touring with me, I’d love to show you around!

About the Author
David McGuffin established David McGuffin's Exploring Europe, Inc. in 2001 to formally offer European tours. Since then, he has taken several thousand satisfied customers on memorable and educational tours to Europe.
  1. Patricia Moore Reply

    Unexpected moments of grace from “the ordinary” of daily life make travel a true adventure. I agree that it’s not necessarily the “must-sees”. We appreciate your travel philosophy. Slower travel invites in the unexpected. Love it.

    Happy Trails to you.

  2. James Richardson Reply

    Great philosophy. The small tour groups are good too because it’s easier and less crowded.

  3. David McGuffin Reply

    I’ve traveled to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland countless times, but on my last trip I had a new experience. A local gentleman asked if I’d like to take a moon-lite walk around the village. Of course everyone in the group bought in to this and wanted the experience. He treated us to a pleasant walk around the valley and through the local-folk’s neighborhoods. The entire time we were entertained with stories of how this place had change in his 30+ years in the area. It just goes to show that a traveler needs to venture off the beaten path and be swept away with what comes their way.

  4. Debby Jones Reply

    Having grown up in Florida, I strongly feel that some of the “must see” destinations here are highly overrated, and I’m willing to believe that is true in Europe as well. I’ve only been a few places, but have always managed to have unexpected adventures everywhere.

    • davidmcguffin Reply

      Debby – I agree, I think one has to work at making the “experience” happen. I can think of many “special” travel memories that would have never happened if I did not get out of my box/comfort zone.

  5. Nancy Reply

    Every trip with David has been great. I have recommended it to many others. Anybody can get a book and find their way around big cities but David knows “Europe” the kind you can’t get from a book – the small places that represent Europe.
    I am hooked on traveling to Europe and Exploring Europe

    • davidmcguffin Reply

      Nancy, Thanks for the kind comments. One thing you forgot to mention is that the “travel education” you experienced with me has helped you plan your own independant trip to Europe.

  6. Cass Laird Reply

    My first travel experience was with a different tour group, and while the tour itself promised to be amazing (going to Australia!), the outcome was very different. I am glad I went, but I wish I could have seen more of the actual culture. We only got two nights with our homestay families, and only a few hours with the Aborigines. Exploring Europe, on the other hand, covers must-see sites as well as smaller, more culturally involved places. I like Mr. McGuffin’s Tour Philosophy best because it allows one to get a full taste of the culture, whether it be food or the language, and still have a marvelous time.

    • davidmcguffin Reply

      Hummm… I could not have said it better myself! Thanks Cass!

  7. Diane Brown Reply

    My daughter went on a trip to Europe with her High School French Class, arranged by Mr. McGuffin. I was skeptical at first but the itenerary was very detailed and informative and the price was reasonable so I agreed to let my daughter go. Needless to say, it was the trip of a lifetime for her! Each day she emailed pictures to me of the Eiffel Tower, the Louve, the food, the Trolley’s, the tiny cars.. I feel that I almost learned as much as she did! Kayla came back with a whole new outlook on culture… something you cannot learn from a book, and a photo album that I’m certain she’ll cherish for life! Thank you Flowery Branch High School and Thanks to you David for opening this door to the world for our students! If there are any parents out there who have children with the opportunity to travel with “Exploring Europe”, don’t hold them back!

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