Here is a Flying mistake to avoid!

When flying I carry-on my bags so they will be with me always and won’t get lost.  Today, I was foiled!

When fly on a small regional jet you can carry-on your bags… at least as far as the tarmack.  then (with Delta) you get a plane-side check luggage tag attached to your luggage.  the crew stows the bags in the cargo bay, and at your destination, you clain your bags on the tarmack.

Today my pink tarmack claim tag disappeared between Jacksonville and Cincinatti.  On the tarmack a Delta baggage boss informed me that since the claim slip was missing from my bag (even though I had MY portion of the claim ticket) that I would have to exit security, claim my bag on the carousel and re-enter security.  That’s about an hour of my time!

No choice!  Even though my bag was sitting five feet away, I had to go through the proceedure.  there was one bright spot.  The baggage boss personally carried my bag to baggage claim in the terminal and met me.  Yeah Delta…sort of.


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