Germany is one of the hottest tourist countries because of its numerous tourist attractions. Although there are hundreds of locations for escorted tours in Germany, only a few of them have been outlined below.

Rugen Island

One of the locations to consider in any of your escorted tours in Germany is the famous Rugen Island. This island is said to be the biggest island in Germany. It is located in the Baltic Sea. Both Rugen Causeway and Rugen Bridge connect Rugen Island to the mainland.

The sight of this island alone is enough attraction. Its super-white sand is another reason to spend some time there. Some of the attractions that draw tourists to the island are the set of beautiful beaches that surround the island. However, the beaches are not the main attraction.

The main attraction is the Jasmund National Park. Cape Arkona is another reason you should visit the island in at least one of your escorted tours in Germany. It houses an old and famous lighthouse and what is left of Slavic castle.

Romantic Rhine

Another great tourist attraction center in Germany is the Romantic Rhine. It stretches from the city of Bonn to the city of Bingen, both in Germany. The famous Rhine flows through Rhine Gorge. The attractive features of Rhine Gorge some ancient castles and amazing villages. In addition, you will also get some terraced vineyards.

The details of Romantic Rhine will not be complete without the mention of Lorelei, the narrowest and deepest part of Rhine Gorge. What made Lorelei popular is a particular dangerous rock that caused many boat accidents before the 19th century. If you really want to enjoy the Romantic Rhine, you should go for a boat cruise.


Take it or leave it, your trip to Germany is far from being complete without a visit to Cologne. In fact, if you have to visit just one location in Germany, let it be Cologne. Needless to say it is one of the most famous locations in Germany.

It is located on the Rhine River in North Rhine-Westphalia. This city offers too many attractions so you will not encounter any dull moment there. If you enjoy nightlife, then you should make the city your home. Only cities like the Sin City (Las Vegas) in the United States can compare to Cologne in terms of its buzzing nightlife.

It also offers great art and culture scenes. You will come across numerous significant landmarks like the Twelve Romanesque Churches. These churches combine nature’s beauty with man’s innovative creativity. Only very few structures all over the world can match their medieval architecture.

You can’t spend some days in Germany without accommodation. So, being a tourist country, Germany has numerous world class hotels and it also offers different categories of hotels, so whether you visit Germany on a luxury trip or you hit the country on a budget trip, you will definitely see a suitable hotel. One of the kinds of hotels to expect in Germany is the Cologne Marriott Hotel.

Cologne Marriott Hotel

What attracts guests to hotels and guest houses are the facilities and the kind of services they offer. This hotel is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that will make you feel at home. It has a restaurant and it offers room service. Every room is equipped with an air conditioning unit and WiFi. There is a large parking lot there too.

In conclusion, the four components of tours are feeding, accommodation, centers to visit and fun activities to engage in. You will get more than enough of all the components in Germany.


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