scotland vacationsScotland vacations are a wonderful idea for anyone who is looking to get away from the rat race and relax in a foreign country. When we travel abroad, there are certain complexities that we may not be aware of and we may also have a variety of misconceptions that need to be shattered.

Fortunately, there are answers to all of the questions that we are bound to have regarding Scotland vacations. Let's take a closer look at the following queries so that we can learn everything that we need to know about Scotland vacations before it is time to start packing.

1) What Travel Documents Are Needed?

Any adult or child who travels to Scotland is going to need a passport that is fully up to date. While there are citizens of certain countries that may also need to procure a visa before planning a Scottish vacation, those who reside in the United States or Canada are exempt from these types of regulations. Australian citizens are also able to travel to Scotland without having to procure a visa first.

2) What Currency Is Used?

When we travel to Scotland, we will need to convert our money to the GBP pound. These notes are issued in certain denominations and once we have converted our country's currency, the money is divided into bank notes that come in amounts £5, £10, £20 and £50. Exchange rates will vary depending on the country that we are traveling from and the current economic realities so take a moment to research this information before booking a trip.

3) Are Credit Cards Accepted?

For travelers who do not wish to carry around sizable amounts of cash when they are making their way through Scotland, the prospect of being able to use credit cards instead is an important one. Luckily, travelers will find that just about all of their major credit cards are going to be accepted at the majority of the locations that they visit. Scotland has also a wide range of ATMs where we can remove cash as needed.

4) What Are The Shopping Hours?

The shops in Scotland are typically open during the normal daytime hours and if we decide to seek lodging in visitor areas that are popular, we may have access to longer shopping periods. While shops in residential areas of Scotland tend to close by 5 or 6 PM at the latest, there are places where we can stay that allow for later shopping. Many towns in Scotland also provide access to Sunday shopping.

5) Do We Have To Tip?

This is a common question and many travelers are unaware of the fact that this is the sort of custom that is limited to North America in most instances. We have the ability to tip if we should decide to but in many cases, it is not required. Those who elect to leave a tip should take a closer look at the restaurant's billing methods before paying. Sometimes, a service charge will already be added before we have even stopped to consider a tip.


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