The Lido Neighborhood

Staying on the Lido is like becoming a part of the neighborhood. Our hotel is in a residential neighborhood with absolutely no vehicular traffic. Although there are cars on the island, most people travel by bike or by foot. Plus, my hotel neighborhood is so peaceful and quiet.  Recently when my group came in from a wild night of vino and shutting down the Piazza San Marco, the lobby clerk had to say “shhhhh” to us all!

However, I’ve found that the best part of staying on the Lido is the neighborhood atmosphere, the shops, and the family atmosphere. The shops, restaurants, and bars are only three blocks away from the hotel neighborhood. If you really need a cafe or vino, the nearest bar is just up the block on a small canal with all the hometown feeling you’d ever need. Have I even mentioned the beach?! As a tourist, who would ever think of spending a day at the beach in Venice? But it does have possibilities. Only five blocks away lies nice sandy beaches, cabanas, chairs, umbrellas, and the Adriatic. It’s definately worth an extra day in Venice to rest and relax on the sandy beaches!

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