Venice… off the beaten path

Yesterday my friends and I rode the train up from Rome to Venice.  We have been blessed all summer with exceptional cool and pleasant weather.  Stepping off the train in Venice proved to be no exception.  Where usually I’d be greeted with humid, hot, and muggy sunshine, it was exceptionally clear and temps were in the low 70’s. 

We are staying on the Lido de Jesolo, just a short 15 minute vaporetto ride from the hustle and bustle of San Marco.  The Lido is quiet, cheap, and a pleasure.  No crowds is certainly a plus.

I spent a few hours at my favorite cafe overlooking the Grand Canal.  It is just off the Rialto Bridge and serves up the best drinks, snacks, and views in all of Venice. 

Today I stopped for lunch at a little cafe that is way off the beaten path.  Natalie and I shared the Antipasti Del Mare appetizer for a starter.  I had Spaghetti con VOLGOLE (clams) which rivaled anything I’ve eaten in the Cinque Terre. 

Venice can often be a tourist’s hot and muggy nightmare.  Trying to pack in the major sights of San Marco, the Doges Palace, and a couple of museums in one day is insane.  Stay the night in Venice and see the city without the tourist crowds.

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  1. Nancy Reply

    And ladies, don’t forget when visiting Doges Palace to cover your sholders or you will be expected to pay to rent a lovely piece of thick paper to somehow cover your sholders with throughout your tour of the Palace.

  2. Nancy Reply

    Staying at the Lido de Jesolo is perfect. It is hard to believe that in a short boat ride you are in Venice. The area around is much less crowded and we actually got to be there on “the clearest day” David had ever seen. As wonderful as Venice is, this area is just as nice. Also as you take your ride to Venice you get to pass by the many other islands around.
    David failed to mention that just off the Rialto Bridge is also the best shopping.

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