Vacation Packages To IrelandAre you planning a trip to Ireland? David McGuffin knows you don’t want to waste your time or money during the planning of your trip. Consider traveling with one of David’s small groups and experience Ireland in a way that would not be possible with any other vacation packages to Ireland.

David McGuffin’s trips are different from anything else you’ve seen on the internet. If you decide to travel with a large group, you’re going to experience Ireland in a more generic way that will leave you wondering whether you matter one way or another to the group as a whole. Traveling in a small group ensures a personal experience from the first day to the last.

David’s vacation packages to Ireland are personally planned out and designed by him- many of which are led by David as well, as he is truly passionate about sharing authentic European adventure with others. Whenever it’s possible, David will lead the tour, and when it is not possible, he chooses guides who share his passion for European travel. Both he and his guides thoroughly enjoy conversation and interaction with the group- all with the goal of making sure each guest has an amazing tour.

David McGuffin’s vacation packages to Ireland are the ideal match of sightseeing and cultural experience, offering every traveler a worry-free taste of the history, culture, music and cuisine of Ireland. Consider the two most popular Ireland tours offered:

- The Essence of Ireland, a 10 day/9 night adventure that will take you from the top to the bottom of Ireland, ensuring you miss absolutely nothing along the way. You’ll see and experience all of the classic destinations, but you’ll get David’s off-the-beaten-path flavor that is guaranteed to beat any tour you’ll find. David’s tours include a lot of walking and activity to maximize the tour experience by foot, boat and vehicle.

- Taste O’ Ireland, a 10 day/9 night exploration of the southern half of Ireland, focusing on the history, culture, music and local cuisine of each of your destinations. As with all of David’s vacation packages to Ireland, all of your accommodations are included and all of the extras as well. You’ll be staying in traditional Irish hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs- don’t worry, all rooms have their own private en-suite bath.

David’s vacation packages are all-inclusive, so you can rest easy knowing that all of your transportation, as well as gratuities are all included in the cost of the trip, as well as all of your breakfasts and about half of your dinners. In the end, you’ll find that while David’s tours are not the cheapest ones out there, due to all of the amenities being included, they are among the most affordable means of visiting Ireland.

Visit DavidMcGuffin.com to find out more about his travel packages to Ireland and discover why traveling with David is the smartest way to experience Ireland- especially if you want to experience the local flavor and get off-the-beaten-path. Vacation Packages To Ireland

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