There is no doubt, Italy is one of the hottest vacation locations in the world. Every city in Italy is filled with mind-blowing centers. So, it does not come as a surprise that thousands of tourists troop into different cities in Italy all year round. In fact, some people visit Italy numerous times choosing a different city each time.

Considering all numerous structural masterpieces in Italy, it is not out of place to say that your tour is far from complete if you have not visited Italy at least once. So, if you are thinking of going there, you may consider escorted tours of Italy. There are numerous benefits with the initiative.


You will get better deals with escorted tours of Italy. Remember, service providers usually offer volume discount to encourage more patronage and escorted tours of Italy usually comprise of at least 6 people at once. This is why group orders are usually cheaper than individual orders.

This is applicable to accommodation, flight and even feeding since all the three of them are usually part of packaged tours.

More fun

Since you will be going in a group, it will be more fun as all of you will chat with one another all through your trips. Visiting wonderful places in Italy is better and more thrilling when you do it in a group. In fact, entrance fees are also lower when you pay as a group.

Tour activities like camping, hiking and water sports are also better done in the midst of a group of acquaintances. Remember, members of your group are no longer strangers to one another, so you will enjoy the activities and you will also get to learn from one another’s experience.

More activities

Group tours are usually better planned. Participants get to achieve more within a short time frame. Service providers are conversant with Italy, so they are aware of the best tourist centers in every city. They will plan all the tours in such a way that you will visit numerous centers within a few days and you will still have relaxation time for yourself. You will get to visit famous cities like Milan, Lake Como, Venice, Pisa, Siena, Volterra, Cinque Terre and many more.

Guided tours

What makes tours really interesting is having a guide that will explain the history and significance of each center to you. Packaged tours offer this. Every tour will be guided. You will have a guide dedicated to your group all through your stay in every center.


Several touristic activities are thrilling but also dangerous. Providers of packaged tours usually enforce the highest safety standards and measures to avoid any kind of accidents. Activities like paragliding offers unlimited fun and thrills and it also requires a lot of safety measures. Tour organizers will usually put safety measures in place. In addition, they will also offer professional guide and training to tourists.

Making new friends

Packaged tours are usually group tours so you will get to make new friends with each member of your group. Imagine how many friends you will make in one single trip if there are up to 12 members in your group.

In conclusion, there are numerous advantages of group tours. So, it pays much more than going on an individual or private tour.


Escorted Tours Of Italy