Earnest Deposits, Unconfirmed Tour Departures, and Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Dollar CashUpdated: August 24, 2023

Sometimes, you sign up for one of our tours, and we cannot confirm the specific departure date. Several reasons affect our decision, but we often need to achieve a minimum of 6 travelers to make a group. Usually, this will work itself out, and we will soon confirm the tour. If you find yourself in this situation, please keep these items in mind.

  1. Please only book your flights to Europe once we confirm your tour is a GO. We will do this at least four months before your tour’s departure date, often much earlier.
  2. Exploring Europe will consider your paid deposit as an “Earnest Deposit” toward this unconfirmed tour. Your deposit is fully refundable until we confirm the tour departure.  
  3. If you are considering purchasing Comprehensive Travel Insurance, WAIT. Since Exploring Europe has not confirmed the tour, you do not need to buy travel insurance now. When Exploring Europe confirms the tour, this is the time to purchase comprehensive travel insurance. You’ll need to do it within 10-20 days of our confirmation (check with your insurance provider for specific dates).