Updated: August 24, 2023

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.44.57 AMWhen booking an Exploring Europe tour, we request a deposit to hold your seat. This deposit is refundable up until 120 days before your tour departure date. By the way, your final payment is due 90 days before your departure.  

Once signed up for a tour, you will receive written communication from Exploring Europe confirming your departure. In rare cases, we may ask that you “hold” booking your flights until we’ve assessed the tour departure dates and availability. Once your tour’s departure is confirmed, we recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance to protect your travel investment.

Exploring Europe does not provide travel insurance, and we can only offer a refund up to the terms specified in your tour agreement. However, we recommend you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy on your own.

A comprehensive travel insurance package often includes canceling a tour before it begins, covering a pre-existing condition, and canceling your tour for any reason, along with flight delay, baggage loss, and other benefits.  

To take full advantage of the insurance and to cover pre-existing medical conditions, insurance providers require purchasing a policy within 10-20 days of making your deposit and receiving confirmation of the tour. This “window of opportunity” varies between insurance companies, so confirm with your insurance provider.

If you have signed up for an Exploring Europe tour for which the departure is NOT CONFIRMED and we have asked you NOT TO BOOK AIRFARE, read here.

I believe a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy (including trip cancellation coverage) becomes increasingly necessary with age.  If you are a young 20-year-old with no medical problems, you may skip the comprehensive insurance and tour cancellation feature.  However, if you are getting older, or if you, a family member, or a travel partner have medical problems, adding a little “peace of mind” to your travels might not be a bad idea by purchasing comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance includes at least six types of coverage:

  1. Trip Cancellation – provides reimbursement if you, or a close family member, cannot travel for a covered reason.  Covered reasons vary from insurance company to company. Still, most include full reimbursement if you or a direct family member becomes seriously ill or injured, you lose your job, you or a family member dies, and many other reasons (read the fine print).
  2. Trip interruption – Provides a limited amount (usually $1000) to pay for a flight home should your tour be interrupted by a catastrophic event affecting you personally or a close family member.
  3. Emergency Medical Coverage – Provides reimbursement and/or medical evacuation should you or a close relative become seriously ill while traveling abroad.
  4. Baggage Loss or Delay – Provides reimbursement should your luggage be lost or delayed.
  5. Trip Delay – Provides reimbursement should you be delayed while traveling to or from your tour abroad.  This covers cases such as missed flight connections, weather delays, etc.
  6. Travel Assistance – Provides 24/7 access to toll-free help and assistance agents dedicated to helping with travel emergencies, bookings, and advice.

A sliding scale determines the cost of Comprehensive Insurance based on the insured’s age, trip cost, and travel duration. It usually is about 10%-15% of the tour costs, but shop for the best deal to meet your needs.

I personally use and recommend Trip Insurance Consultants as my insurance provider for tour and travel insurance. I’ve included their information below. Before purchasing comprehensive insurance, be sure to add all the tour elements so that you are fully covered.

  1. David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe tour cost.
  2. The cost of your airfare.
  3. The duration of your trip from when you take off from home until your return.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance plans usually must be purchased within 10-20 DAYS of paying a deposit and receiving confirmation from your travel provider (Exploring Europe)for your tour to take advantage of all the policy benefits, especially for pre-existing conditions.  All the insurance companies have slightly different policies on this matter, so be sure to read the fine print.

Trip Insurance Consultants – https://www.insuranceconsultantsintl.com/mcguffin

VISIT THE WEBSITE ABOVE OR EMAIL – LYNETTE REMPEL DIRECTLY. Tell her you are on one of my tours. She will need the following information.  lynette@globalhealthinsurance.com

  1. Your date of Birth,
  2. The State in which you reside,
  3. Your travel dates,
  4. The total cost of your trip (adding all the elements mentioned above),
  5. The date you made your initial payment for the tour.

Trip Insurance Consultants offers insurance plans from all of the companies mentioned below.  However, should you wish to contact them directly, here is the information.

Travel Guard-  www.travelguard.com,  tel. 800-826-4919

Allianz Travel insurance-   www.allianztravelinsurance.com,  tel. 866-884-3556

Travel Insured International-  www.travelinsured.com,  tel. 800-243-3174.

Seven Corners Insurancehttps://www.sevencorners.com/

Insuremytrip.com-  www.insuremytrip.com,  tel. 800-487-4722
Also allows you to compare insurance policies and costs among various providers.