David’s Blog: Exploring Europe by River, Plus Discounts on Christmas 2017

David’s Blog: Exploring Europe by River

In a three-part blog entitled “Viking River Cruise…who me?” David shares his recent experience cruising from Budapest, Hungary to Passau, Germany. In episode 1 he discusses the accommodations on board, the dining experience and the typical cruiser. Episode 2 offers insight into a typical day’s excursion opportunities when the ship is docked. In the final episode, he shares his conclusions and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of experiencing Europe by land and by river cruise. If you have ever considered taking a cruise in Europe, this blog entry is a must read!


It’s never too early to Plan for Christmas!

The 2017 Christmas Markets of Germany and Austria tour with airfare included has just been added to the tour lineup. Travel through picturesque, snow-covered landscapes and shop for beautifully hand-crafted ornaments in quaint outdoor markets. Visit the castles and sights that Salzburg, Schwangau, Rothenburg, Munich and Nürnberg have to offer without the inconvenience of the usual tourist crowds.

Sign up by March 1 and receive a $200 discount. See the full itinerary and sign up here.

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