Spotlight on Italian Cuisine: Rome

Your Adventure Starts in the Kitchens of Rome

DavidOne of the best things about traveling on an Exploring Europe tour is the food! Eating well is a priority and all tours include breakfast every morning and half of your lunches or dinners. The next few newsletters will feature food from around Italy. See some of the outstanding restaurants that I have discovered on my quest for fresh and local dishes.

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The Italian Experience

While visiting Italy, you’ll not find many “ethnic” restaurants featuring food from other parts of the world.  As a general rule, Italians eat “Italian” food.  However, this can differ widely from what we Americans know as “Italian.”

In Italy, each region has its own cuisine that changes with the seasons.  For example, you’ll not find fresh porcini mushrooms in the spring, summer or winter… only in the autumn when they grow wild in the forest.   You wouldn’t have a hearty stew in the summer and melons would not be on the menu when they are out of season.

To get the most out of your dining in Italy one must get away from the tourist menus, eat the regional cuisine, and eat with the seasons.

When in Rome…

I like to do a little research before dining anywhere. It’s a great idea to take suggestions from guidebooks and trusted travel websites when making a decision as important as where to eat.  In general, Romans eat hearty meals. The pizzas, tomato pasta, and Alfredo sauce we eat at home are not typically Roman. Find places that offer Roman specialties, in Italian, on their menus and you’ll know you’re getting the real Roman meal deal. I’ve listed some of my favorite dishes from Rome and shared a bad dining experience on my blog. Find out about the delicious food you can sample in Rome and where NOT to eat here.

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