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 by Suzanne and Brad, West Chester on David McGuffin's Tours to Ireland
The very best of Ireland and Northern Ireland

We just finished the Best of Ireland, August 2023. We had the pleasure of David as our guide. The tour was the perfect mix of planned activities and free time. Hotels were nice and transportation was comfortable. There were so many highlights along the way. Here are a few: the beauty of the Dingle peninsula (including Blasket Island Museum), the fascinating gardens at Blarney Castle and the poignant history at LongdonDerry/Derry & Belfast. And we won't forget the sheep. Sheep everywhere. In your free time in Dublin, consider visiting the Emigration Museum (EPIC) and the Little Museum of Dublin.

 by Pat and Jim, Florida - Taste of Ireland, June 2023 on David McGuffin's Tours to Ireland
Jim and I recently returned from Ireland. It was a wonderful trip!

Jim and I recently returned from Ireland. It was a wonderful trip that we have wanted to take for a long time.

We experienced so many wonderful sites and took so many pictures that it’s hard to pick just a few. We saw beautiful churches and stonewalls that covered the countryside. We had delicious food and enjoyed the bakeries, along with lattes. There were flowers everywhere. And, of course, there were cows and sheep (lots of sheep!) dotted the countryside everywhere. We even visited the town of Bray!

We had a history lesson every day and learned so much about this beautiful country. Everything you’ve ever heard about Ireland’s shades of green are true.

I would also like to give 5 stars to David McGuffin, who guided this tour. Take some time to explore all that he has to offer,

Our trip was called Taste O’ Ireland in 8 days and it was wonderful.

 by Michael Orange Park on David McGuffin's Tours to Ireland
Incredible Experience

Gone are the days of trying to plan a trip abroad on my own. David McGuffin's tour of Ireland was a God send and a fantastic experience. Our tour guide, Molly, was incredibly knowledgeable, timely and fun! The tour itself is structured expertly to get you the most out of every minute that you are there. After my visit I can say that David has done his homework MANY times over and truly has everything done quite well; from the places I stayed, the restaurants we ate at to the sights we saw. This trip allowed us the thrill of an adventure without the stress of having to know everything and plan it on our own! I'm confident in saying that there is no better way to tour Ireland!

 by Betty from Florida - Taste of Ireland- June 2023 on David McGuffin's Tours to Ireland
I had a wonderful time in Ireland

I was a member of David McGuffin's Ireland tour in June 2023. I had a wonderful time! The hotels where we stayed were great and the food was wonderful. I loved the areas we toured, and our tour guides, John and Audra Dupuis, did a wonderful job giving us information about and a history of the areas we toured. The tour was so well organized and we had plenty of time to see the sights and plenty of free time. I had a wonderful time on our tour buses. The bus drivers were great at giving insights and the history of different areas we passed as we traveled through Ireland, and they were so funny!!! I would love to take another tour in Europe with David McGuffin and would highly recommend using his company, David McGiffin's Exploring Europe if you are thinking about traveling to Europe! His tours are the best and so well organized!

 by Lisa & Ron from New Mexico- Taste of Ireland June 2023 on David McGuffin's Tours to Ireland
We highly recommend David's Taste of Ireland tour

We were on David McGuffin's Exploring Europe "The Best of Ireland Tour" in May/June 2023. We highly recommend it. The tour went on without a hitch. David was entertaining and well-informed. All of the tour stops were special. The tour schedule was well-paced, and yet we did not feel rushed. Greatly appreciated was the free time built in, which allowed us to explore the towns, choose our own restaurants, and relax for a bit. Visiting the working-class neighborhoods of Belfast, where the battles between the Protestants and the Catholics raged in the past, was particularly impactful, as the tour guide lived in the neighborhood and experienced much of its violence. All in all, the tour ran the gamut from Ireland’s astounding beauty to its rich historical sites to its delightful and charming residents. This trip seemed smooth and effortless, but we know it required David’s careful attention to detail.

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