MY MISSION is to inspire European travel through individual and group guided tours focusing on culture, art, history and engaging experiences. At Exploring Europe, we believe all travel is an adventure that leaves lasting positive memories. An Exploring Europe tour empowers our travel partners with the knowledge, guidance, and confidence to embrace the adventure, seize the moment, and most of all, …have fun!

I first traveled to Europe when I was a teenager and have been going back ever since. I am passionate about sharing my European adventures with others. Exploring Europe is small enough to allow us to take a personal interest in everyone who travels with us. Keep reading, and you’ll soon discover I do things differently than many other tour companies.

I plan and design all my tours, and I continuously revise and tweek to improve the overall tour experience. This year marks my 43rd year of traveling to Europe and the nineteenth year of organizing my tours. I know my European destinations like the back of my hand and am passionate about sharing them with you!

I labor over every little detail of my tour itineraries and leave nothing to chance. I'll try not to waste your time waiting needlessly in a line, hunting for a site, or running around trying to find a hotel. My goal is to plan a tour, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience, worry-free.

We believe you can do, see and experience more on a group tour than if you tried to pull it all together yourself. Think about the time, money, stress and effort you’d invest in pulling off a two-week tour to Europe. Then consider that we do it all the time and have had years of practice to refine our skills. We know what we are doing when it comes to European travel!

I pledge to offer an amazing experience that includes a lot of cultural, dining, and tourist experiences. The price you pay is all-inclusive, meaning you will not be “nickeled and dimed” with annoying optional excursions, driver and guide tips, and other unexpected expenses that often pop up on group tours. You get what you pay for, and my goal is to dish out fantastic travel experiences at reasonable prices.

Breakfast is included every morning, and we include about half of your lunches or dinners. I’ve spent years poking around Europe’s nooks and crannies in search of excellent food, good wine, better beer, and sparkling water. I guarantee you’ll experience some outstanding restaurants that serve up amazingly fresh and local dishes in an unpretentious manner.

I still lead many of my tours, but when I can’t, I choose guides who share my love for European travel. We love personal interaction and sharing tour experiences with you. Our goal is to make sure you have a fantastic tour and get wrapped up in the joy of travel.

My groups range in size from 6 - 18 people. A small group is more flexible than the typical big bus groups, and this allows us to see, do, and experience more. We provide a unique travel experience by ensuring that you are treated as individuals seeking to learn about your destination. Small group travel is the only way to go!

We will put in several miles of walking and standing every day to experience the sights and immerse ourselves into the culture of the destination. But don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to slow down and experience the locale on your own and at your own pace too!

Each day you’ll have opportunities to do a little exploring on your own. Visit another museum, enjoy a quiet dinner, or find a place to relax and enjoy the ambiance. 

Once you pay your deposit, the advertised price is guaranteed for you unconditionally. Even if my tour costs change or there is a jump in the exchange rate, we will never ask for more money.

I choose hotels that are clean, safe, have private baths, and are centrally located to the sights and/or city centers. Often, they are family-run establishments that represent the local “flavor” of the area.
Many of the hotels host our tour groups year after year and have developed a close relationship with us. You can rest assured I have personally selected all our hotels for their quality, cleanliness, comfort, and location. Occasionally, you may have to walk up and down stairs, bring your own hair dryer, and even do without cool air conditioning. However, the payoff is a safe and centrally located hotel providing professional service, cleanliness, a good night's sleep, and an authentic European experience.

Travel protection and support. 

Your deposit is fully refundable for a certain period according to your tour contract. You’ll get full details when you sign up for a tour. 

Should you have to cancel your tour, a full refund is available up until 60-days before your tour begins. 

Deposits and payments can be applied to future tours if you must cancel within 60 days of your departure. 

If Exploring Europe cancels a tour, you will receive a full refund or credit for a future tour, it’s your choice.