I’ve been writing about my experiences planning and leading tours in Europe. This was brought on by a friend asking, upon my return from a month of leading tours in Europe, how I liked my recent “vacation”. Don’t get me wrong, traveling and leading tours in Europe is a blast and I wouldn’t do it if I did not really enjoy myself. But, there is a lot of work in it too. In the previous episodes of this series, I’ve chronicled my most memorable adventures in Paris.

PARIS- There’s a lot to see in Paris. I’ve been there countless times yet I always seem to find or do something new with each visit. However, for the first-time visitor there is a menu of must-see-sights in Paris that have to be “checked-off” their list before going on to other things. Everyone organizes their tour differently, but here is how we deal with the sights on our two-day in Paris itinerary.

Day 1- Arrive in Paris, hotel check-in. Metro to Montmartre and visit the Sarce Cour, Pigalle, Place Abyasee, and Moulin rouge sight. Metro to Rue Cler neighborhood for dinner. Walk under the Eiffel Tower to the Seine River, take a one-hour boat cruise on the river. Walk to the Trocadero (with great views of the Eiffel Tower) and Metro back to our hotel.

Day 2- Breakfast at the hotel. Metro to the Latin Quarter. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. Visit the Latin Quarter and Il’ St. Louis. Have lunch in the area. Visit the Louvre after lunch with a local guide. Walk from the Louvre to the Champs Elysees. Wander and shop. Metro to the Cambronne area and visit the Monoprix supermarket for picnic supplies. Picnic under the Eiffel tower on the Champs du Mars. Then about one hour before dark, ascend the Eiffel Tower for a great sunset view of the city of Light! Return to the hotel by Metro.

So you can see that’s a pretty busy two days, but at least it gives the first time visitor an overview of the big sights.