Well I’m on my way to Europe!  I began my journey this morning by leaving my home at 8:00 a.m.  It’s an hour drive from home to the the airport, but luckily I had Charlotte with me and she dropped me at the terminal.  Having to park, pay, and ride a shuttle takes so much more time.

HERE IS SOME NEWS for those of you flying in the next few weeks.  It appears that most of the major airlines are imposing a $25 fee for checking more than one bag!  Think about it before you pack that extra piece of luggage!  There was a family of four in front of me who had a flatbed cart loaded with luggage.  They had a least ten bags and made me  think  they were going on a round-the-world trip!  But no, just to California for a week.  Anyway the mom freaked out when she was hit with a $150 bill for the excess baggage.

After they got out of my way,  I checked-in and told the agent I was checking no bags.  He smiled with relief and then took ten minutes to try to read the fine print on my passport because his “scanner” was not working! Finally he handed me my boarding passes but no ticket jacket.  I didn’t care, but he felt compelled to tell me it was a new cost cutting measure just implemented this week.

Finally…to the security line and luckily no problems!

The new Terminal 1 has just opened at Jacksonville Airport (JAX).  It’s fresh, open, clean, and modern.  You gotta check out the sinks in the new restrooms.  Amazing!

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