Bern’s Steakhouse – Tampa, Florida

I’ve been dining at Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, Florida, since 1984.  On that first visit, it was Roger, a friend and gracious host, who walked my “good buddies” and me through the experience of fine dining.  The service, food, wine and desert were amazing.  I’ve gone to Bern’s at least once a year since that first visit. 

Dining at Bern’s is a experience, one which you must make the main event of the evening.  I plan for at least four hours to savor the food and ambiance.  Mike was our waiter way back in 1984, and to this day I still request that he be my waiter.  He won’t steer you wrong.  Mike is very knowledgeable on their wine selections, as well as abreast in making menu suggestions.  I’ve tried many cuts of their dry-aged steaks and have come to settle on their chateaubriand most often.  Order it medium-rare and it will melt in your mouth!   The steak comes with all of the fixings: soup, salad, a potato, fresh veggies and their amazing sauteed carrots all at one fixed price (about $40 per person).  The price can rise steeply depending on your taste for beverages other than water, tea, soda and coffee.

Don’t forget to tour the kitchen and wine cellar after your dinner.  Then, waddle your way up to the desert room and indulge on a huge selection of sweets, coffee, desert wines and digestifs.

Over the years I have taken many people to Bern’s to dine with me.  The table has turned since 1984, for I am now the “wise old man” showing my friends the ins and outs of fine dining at Bern’s.  Thanks Roger and Mike for making dining an experience!