Delphi GreeceI’ve struck off on a two-week adventure in Greece and I hope you’ll share it with me.  My primary purpose is to explore the country and develop an Exploring Europe tour for 2015.  Along the way, I’ll visit some of the big tourist destinations such as Athens and Olympia, but I promise to get off the beaten path and poke around lesser known places as well.

Once out of Athens I’ll pick up my rental car and do all the driving.  I’ve already discovered the map and the GPS don’t alway agree, so I’m sure to make a few wrong turns and may even get lost, but that will be part of the adventure!

I am traveling with Charlotte, my wife,  and Janey, a long-time friend and Exploring Europe tour alumna (that’s Janey in the photo above).  We have a roughly planned itinerary that includes several islands and much of the Pelopennese Peninsula, but part of the adventure will be deviations from the plan!

I’ll add a new post every few days, so please keep in touch, add your comments, and share with your friends.

Best Regards,