We spend the first few months promoting our tours at Travel and Adventure Shows throughout the United States each year.  The Chicago Show in Rosemont, Illinois, is always a big event for us, bringing many people to visit our booth and sign up for tours.  I am always fortunate to have an opportunity to get on the Destination Stage and talk about travel, our tours, and sage advice picked up from my 46 years on the road in Europe.

Here is the promo written up in the show program.

Join European travel expert David McGuffin as he shares travel tips, favorite destinations, and lessons learned from forty-five years on the road. David spends about four months a year in Europe leading his small group tours, writing about his favorite destinations, and sharing his adventures via his social media, travel blog, and videos. He is an advocate of avoiding crowds, living like a local, educated travel, and embracing the culture of the locale. His picture-packed presentation is loaded with pertinent travel information, suggested routes, sage advice, and information about his small-group tours in Europe.

Tonight on Travel Talk Tuesday, I’ll share my spiel from last Saturday’s talk on the Destination Stage.  Topics are:

  • 14 Travel Hints you’ll want to employ as you travel.
  • Italy Travel Destinations- Villa Vacation, Southern Italy, Amalfi, and Islands.
  • Ireland Travel Destinations and recommendations.
DM TAS 2023 0114 CHI