Follow up on “Truck Stop” restaurant experience

Rest_le_petit_paris_4Rest_le_petit_paris_1 My friends Dennis and Linda sent these pictures of our rural France dining experience.  I’ve detailed the experience in the post dated April 18. 

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    Well, I can say that this was an very unexpected lunch, but it was Wonderful. We had left Switzerland on the bus and were going to Paris. It was Sunday and most of the eatting establishments were closed. Most of the people on the bus didn’t have an Euro’s to pay with if anything was open. But we happened upon this Truck Stop (?) and David and Peter went inside to see if they would feed our bus load. Much to our appreciation they were going to feed us… It was a choice of appetizer, entree and dessert for a nominal charge. I can honestly say that this was one of the BEST meals that I ate on the entire trip! There was wine to go around and everyone was stuffed when we left. It was a pleasure dining there. And the staff was Fantastic. They spoke little English and most of us spoke little French. But we all managed to have a unforgetable meal.. My hats off to the hole in the wall truck stops in France! I would happily go back again to eat in this place!

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